Diagnostic Imaging

CT Scan

A CT scan (or CAT scan) is a series of pictures of the body made with X-rays and a computer. The images are created in crosswise stacks and are often likened to the slices of a loaf of bread… More >


PET/CT scan or Positron Emission Tomography is a “sugar” scan. That is to say, it is a scan that shows where sugar is being used by the body. The CT part of the scan improves the image quality for the radiologist by adding more detail about the location of the findings within the body… More >


An MR scan is a way of making pictures of the human body using magnetic fields and radio waves. It is painless and generally very safe. MR scans are very good for looking at the brain, spine, joints and abdomen/pelvis areas… More >


An ultrasound is a way of making pictures of the body using sound waves. The sound is very high pitched so that it is above the level of human hearing. The technologist making the pictures uses a hand held device called a probe… More >


An X-ray is a picture of the body made with a high-energy form of light. To make the pictures, a technologist places you on a special table. The X-ray device shines a beam of X-rays through the part of the body to be examined… More >

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