*Publications by Synergy Radiology Associates Physicians

Prevention and Management of Infectious Complications of Percutaneous Interventions

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SY Huang | A Philip | MD Richter* | ML Lessne | CY Kim

The Performance of a Modified RENAL Nephrometry Score in Predicting Renal Mass Radiofrequency Ablation Success

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JC Gahan | MD Richter* | CA Seideman | C Trimmer | D Chan | M Weaver | EO Olweny | JA Cadeddu

Preliminary Reporting in an Independent Call Environment: Multiyear Assessment of Volume, Timeliness, and Accuracy

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BD Weinberg | MD Richter* | J Champine | CM Morriss | T Browning

Practice Quality Improvement During Residency: Where Do We Stand and Where Can We Improve?

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S Choudhery | MD Richter* | A Anene | T Browning | Y Xi | D Chason | M Morriss

Renal Tumour Nephrometry Does Not Correlate with the Risk of Radiofrequency Ablation Complications

British Journal of Urology International. November 2013; 112: 1121-1124. PMID: 24053576.

C Seideman | J Gahan | M Weaver | E Olweny | MD Richter* | D Chan | J Cadeddu

Imaging evaluation of the rotator cuff

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Mittal A.* | Brennan C | Anderson MW

Best Cases from the AFIP, Bilateral Testicular Tumors: Seminoma and Mixed Germ Cell Tumor

RadioGraphics 2005; 25:835–839, Published online, 10.1148/rg.253045188

Walid K. Adham, MD*  |  Bharat K. Raval, MD  |  Maria C. Uzquiano, MD   |  Luciano B. Lemos, MD

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