Billing Services


Patient Representatives for Synergy Radiology Associates, a division of Singleton Associates, PA, are available to speak to you about your account.


For services prior to 2/1/2022

For services on or after 2/1/2022



To request itemized billing statements with patient authorizations, send your request electronically through ChartSwap.

  • All requests will be completed within 15 days.
  • Once your request is approved and fulfilled, you will receive an email notification to login to ChartSwap to pay for and download the requested records.
  • For services rendered in Texas and
    • DOS prior to 2/1/2022, submit request to Synergy Radiology Associates, PLLC.
    • DOS on or after 2/1/2022, submit request to Singleton Associates, PA.
  • For services rendered in Arizona, submit request to Synergy Radiology Associates, PLLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

billing services
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