Synergy Radiology Associates

Synergy Radiology Associates is a division of Singleton Associates, PA, a leader in the Texas medical imaging market, and provides exceptional, high quality, compassionate care throughout Texas. Synergy Radiology Associates is comprised of more than 90 board-certified radiologists, a highly skilled clinical staff and caring support professionals. We have grown to become Houston’s leading provider of medical imaging services through an innovative, patient-centered approach.


Staying current in an ever-changing field

Radiology is one of the most dynamic fields in medicine. Every year, technological innovation brings new diagnostic imaging capabilities in breastcardiac, orthopedic, neurological and prostate imaging. Because of this, our physicians are constantly striving to expand their knowledge and improve the quality of our services and operations.

Minimally invasive treatment options

Synergy Radiology Associates performs minimally invasive treatments for cancer, vascular disease and other health conditions that once required open surgery. Today, our doctors can treat uterine fibroids without hysterectomy, enlarged prostate without prostatectomy, chronic pain without ongoing medication regimens and so much more.


Convenient locations

Synergy Radiology Associates provides radiology and interventional radiology services at numerous hospitals and imaging centers throughout Texas, including The Woodlands, Cypress, Katy, Webster and more.

Quality Assurance Program

Synergy Radiology Associates maintains the highest professional standards for its radiologists through our Quality Assurance (QA) Program. The program is under the direction of the Patient Safety Committee (PSC) Chair and Members, which is comprised of practicing Synergy radiologists who encompass a wide range of subspecialties and demonstrate high-quality interpretations.

quality assurance

Making a difference

We believe it is our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of our patients, our referring physicians and our communities at large. Our doctors and staff are actively involved with partner hospitals and health systems, working to continuously improve quality and the overall patient experience, as well as generously contributing our time, resources and fundraising efforts within the communities and neighborhoods we serve.

Houston Doctors Who Make A Difference

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