Our Synergy Patient Stories

Real Synergy Radiology Associates’ Patient Stories

The following patients have opened up to share an experience that changed their life. By sharing their personal story, they hope to help others connect others with the right radiologist.

Thank You So Much!

Dear Doctor Berkowitz,

Thank You!!!

I’m not sure if you ever get to know the results of your CT readings. Because you were so detailed in reading my son’s CT scan on November 16, 2020, we were able to halt the compression to his spinal canal. March 30, 2021, he had a Laminectomy with hopes to stop any additional damage.

Our son has had so many CTs that I tell friends we should own an imaging machine. It was your skilled eye that noticed a problem that needed to be addressed. Our Neurologist suggested that we follow through and get a Neurosurgeon’s opinion, which we did.

Our son is improving oh so well. It was because you saw what others have not. I can’t thank you enough for being a good doctor. There was an angel standing with you during the reading of that CT scan and I’m sure it is with you always.

Again, thank you for everything that you have done for us, including the health of our son.

Darrell M., May 2021

Annual appointment brings anxiety – but this year calm and confidence

I lost my Mom to breast cancer 15 years ago, so my annual mammogram appointment is always met with worry and anxiety. This year, there was added concern as my 3D screening mammogram showed a small mass that needed further investigating with an ultrasound. I went to Memorial Hermann Northeast for my follow up screenings as I work in the area and they were able to schedule quickly. I can not say enough about how great my experience was. The ultrasound tech and Dr. Srinivasan were calm and kind and extremely thorough. Dr. Srinivasan took the time to request additional orders so she would have a better baseline for my files. Dr. Srinivasan took the time to ask many questions and at the close of the appointment recommended a new protocol for my annual screenings given my family history and make up of my tissue. Thankfully, I received good news and will certainly be making all of my future screening appointments at Memorial Hermann Northeast as my experience was efficient, thorough, comforting and stood out above all the rest of my previous appointments. I am thankful, encouraged and have full confidence and comfort in their team.

Synergy Patient, 2020

A critical single viewpoint

In March I went into the hospital with a blockage in my upper intestines. After two trips to the emergency room, coding twice, three surgeries, 60 days of hospitalization and an untold number of doctors, I got home. During that entire time, no one could specifically say what had caused the problem in the first place.

On a referral to Dr. Greg Titus we met with him to get an outside opinion as to what had happened to me, if such could be determined. We authorized the communication of all medical records from surgeons, hospitals, and primary care to Dr. Titus and he took the time to review all the content for us. From that review, he was able to tell us exactly what happened (an arterial bleed that created a hematoma that collapsed my upper intestines), how incredibly fortunate I was to be alive based on the location of the bleed, and what the possible outcomes of such an event could be. Knowing this was a tremendous relief to my wife and I. We will be visiting with Dr. Titus again next week to review a follow up CT scan to see if the maladjusted artery can be identified and repaired.

I cannot overstate how impressed my wife and I were with Dr. Titus – his understanding, his knowledge, his consideration and care for our insecurity and concerns in going through this traumatic event and subsequent review process.

Synergy Patient B.T., October 2020

Daily contact with the Radiologist

I had Y90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy at Memorial Hermann Pearland Hospital.
My radiologist was Sasidhar Yallampalli, M.D. who provided excellent care via: 1) Thorough explanations. 2) Pre-planning to give meds to diminish after-effects of procedure. 3) Daily contact to  assess effects of my progress, whether I needed help coping or if my body was healing positively. Dr. Yallampalli’s assistant, Rachel Strom, is a priceless asset to the doctor. They both should be highly commended for the positive result I have experienced. Thank you to everyone who helped with my care. God bless each one.

Synergy Patient D.G. October 2020

Put at ease during a scary time

I wanted to take the time and thank Dr. Stephen Lee. He went above and beyond  helping my grandmother. He tried multiple times to call her doctor and when he was unsuccessful he reached out personally to her. He answered any question we had and put us at ease even during a scary time. He literally saved my grandmother’s life by going above and beyond by making a simple phone call and taking the time to answer any of their questions while I wasn’t there which isn’t easy since they aren’t from the US. Thank you again Dr. Lee for being so kind and steering us in the right direction with her care.

Synergy C.J., November 2020

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