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Welcome to the new Synergy Radiologist Spotlight page! Here, you can “shine some light” on a radiologist who you feel deserves some recognition!

Our technologists and support clinical staff work closely alongside our radiologists and we all rely heavily upon each other to take the best possible care of our patients – every day, in every way.

stephen lee

Stephen Lee

Featured Radiologist

I wanted to take the time and thank Dr. Stephen Lee. He went above and beyond  helping my grandmother. He tried multiple times to call her doctor and when he was unsuccessful he reached out personally to her. He answered any question we had and put us at ease even during a scary time. He literally saved my grandmother’s life by going above and beyond by making a simple phone call and taking the time to answer any of their questions while I wasn’t there which isn’t easy since they aren’t from the US. Thank you again Dr. Lee for being so kind and steering us in the right direction with her care.

Synergy C.J., November 2020

sasidhar yallampalli

Sasidhar Yallampalli

Featured Radiologist

I had Y90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy at Memorial Hermann Pearland Hospital.
My radiologist was Sasidhar Yallampalli, M.D. who provided excellent care via: 1) Thorough explanations. 2) Pre-planning to give meds to diminish after-effects of procedure. 3) Daily contact to assess effects of my progress, whether I needed help coping or if my body was healing positively. Dr. Yallampalli’s assistant, Rachel Strom, is a priceless asset to the doctor. They both should be highly commended for the positive result I have experienced. Thank you to everyone who helped with my care. God bless each one.

Synergy Patient D.G. October 2020

jibi thomas

Jibi Thomas

Featured Radiologist

Dr. Thomas is an asset to our Women’s Center at Southeast. He has a very strong work ethic, very compassionate to his patients and always teaching to make our Breast Center better. He makes it easy for us to work as a team. We all have confidence in Dr. Thomas that we refer our mothers, sisters and relatives to him.

keyur patel

Keyur Patel

Featured Radiologist

Dr. Patel is always very helpful & polite when working with him. He helps me to problem solve situations when needed with no complaints.

javier rivera

Javier Rivera

Featured Radiologist

Dr. Rivera noticed a patient on the list that would better benefit from a different type of study. He approached the situation as a great team member and called the appropriate department within the hospital to discuss the case and then with the patient’s ordering physician to revise the patient’s orders. His concern for the patient ensured that she received the appropriate assessment she needed. Dr. Rivera is a great example of accountability, teamwork, and excellent care. Thank you Dr. Rivera for all you do for us and the patients.

keyan marashi

Keyan Marashi

Featured Radiologist

Dr. Marashi has always been a personable doctor since he started coming to Clear Lake. When there are difficult cases, he goes above and beyond to make his staff and especially his patients happy. He is enjoyable to work with, because of his personality and his level of skill in the IR room. Cases have always gone smoothly, and his ability to critically think in a tight spot is outstanding. Our entire team is happy to have him here at Clear Lake.

justin tholany, md

Justin Tholany

Featured Radiologist

Dr. Tholany is one of my favorite doctors to work with. He is a great teacher when I have questions and unsure of things. He is great at managing workflow among the techs and himself. Even when things get tough he keeps his cool and pushes forward. I am honored to get to work with him.

maharshi patel

Maharshi Patel

Featured Radiologist

Dr. Patel is a great guy to work with. He is fun to be around and makes coming to work enjoyable. The patients he takes care of love him, because he always treats them like family. Dr. Patel ensures that the patient is always comfortable with a procedure before proceeding, and is open to answering any questions they may have. He is dependable and one of the best interventional radiologists that I know. Work would not be the same without him here.

bill pfeiffer

William Pfeiffer

Featured Radiologist

Could not say enough about this physician. He is the most caring man I have ever met. Patients are his priority and main concern always. He is always doing what is best for not only the patient, but also takes into consideration his staff. One of the best I have worked with.

thuan vu

Thuan Vu

Featured Radiologist

I have worked with Dr. T. Vu for almost 2 years. He is always there to answer my calls and questions. He is always so kind and patient with the techs and other staff. He truly is a great asset to the Synergy Family.

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